"I recently began working with Paola, and she's been a great! From the very beginning, Paola has been very encouraging and made me feel comfortable from the second I met her. She always provides me with challenging workouts, and also takes the time to educate me on my diet so that I am able to make better choices on a daily basis. Paola creates personalized workouts for me for each session, and no two workouts are ever similar. She is the perfect combination of tough and enthusiastic, and pushes me to my limit every time. Paola is very knowledgeable and really cares about helping me reach my goal. She is not only helping me to lose weight and tone up, but she is helping me make lifestyle changes that I will be able to maintain forever! I would highly recommend Paola to anyone!"

Stephanie V.


"I started training with Paola in May 2017. I was a member in a gym but could never find the motivation to go regularly so I decided to give myself a chance with her. I received printed instructions with supplements and detailed nutrition information and also some great recipes for healthy eating. Since starting the training, improving my eating habits and following Paola's, my fitness levels have improved dramatically. I feel much healthier from day to day and I feel the classes are good enough to keep me coming back, which is a huge thing for me personally. She is very patient and kind while pushing you to your limits so you can improve as an athlete. She is truly passionate about what she does, and wants to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. Paola is a great coach and extremely motivating and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to lose weight or improve their lifestyle."

Kelly P.


"Hello my name is Nicole I am one of Paola’s clients and by far I feel lucky to be one, she is AMAZING I am so happy that I get to train with her she gives me that extra motivation we all need when we start our fitness journey. From the first day we met the way she spoke about fitness I knew it was her passion and I knew right away I wanted to work with her. She motivates me, she is very patience if I need her demonstrate an exercise again, she will without getting bothered, and is always just a message away. I would recommend Paola to anyone who is looking for a trainer I promise that her enthusiasm and energy will get you going."

—  Nicole L.